Free Software License Upgrades!!

Caspian Learning, the software developer whose software application I teach in my book, Rapid Simulation and Game Development for Beginners: with Thinking Worlds 3.6.0, has generously offered free full license upgrades to the first fifty (50) people to purchase either edition of the book – print or Kindle.That’s a savings of over $1400.00!

I invite you, and anyone you know that is interested in Serious Game design, to purchase one or more copies of my book and register your email address with me (one registration per person please). The book is listed at  To take advantage of the free upgrade, please download, install, and register the free version of the software then send me the email address with which you registered. Once I have confirmed that you are one of the first 50 people, and that you did indeed purchas the book, I will forward the email address over to Caspian Learning who will then perform the free upgrade.
Please send emails to my Nonno Vecchio email address, _NOSPAM_nonno_AT_nonnovecchio.org_NOSPAM. Remove the _NOSPAM_ and change _AT_ to an ‘At’ symbol so the resulting email address is all one word with no spaces.

Thank you and have a great day!

5 thoughts on “Free Software License Upgrades!!

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  2. I can email you a screenshot of proof that I bought the book.

    I get a new computer in December and don’t want to download/upgrade six weeks before I get a new one.

    Is there any way to hold the download/upgrade free offer until December 30?

    • Janet,

      thank you for purchasing the book. I hope you find it and Thinking Worlds as useful as I. I will have to email Caspian Learning (the software developer) and ask them if waiting until December is ok with them as the offer comes from them. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be but you never know. With that said, you can register the software on two computers with the same email address. Any more than two and the system shuts you down with the message that you have exceeded the license limit. You might want to install it now for registration purposes on your old computer and then install a second copy on your new computer. It’s up to you…. 🙂 Keep in mind that if you choose to install it first on your old computer, you need to do so and register the copy before tomorrow evening. I will be traveling overseas for the next few days (I’m moving to the Middle East) and will not have consistent internet access.

      Thank you again! I’ll let you know as soon as I have an answer from Caspian Learning.


      Michael “Nonno Vecchio”

  3. I want to register my email with you…have purchased book, and am currently installing free software.

    • Rachel,

      thank you again for your purchase. I have forwarded your email on to the software developer and asked that they apply your free upgrade.


      Michael (“Nonno”)

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