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A “leader of leaders.” That’s how Dr. Michael F. Commini was recently described to a group of senior leaders at the world’s largest oil company where he leads teams of senior and mid-level management staff through the process of designing, building and implementing engaging development plans with a focus on enhancing employee motivation to continue building their professional knowledge, skills and experience.

A native of Miami, Florida, Dr. Commini pulled himself up by the boot straps from an average learner graduating in the top 20% of his high school class, to one of the top instructors for 3rd Air Forces USAFE, where he taught doctors, nurses, medical personnel, security forces, and members of all ranks, first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Once honorably discharged, Dr. Commini applied the work ethic he learned from his parents to his studies and his work life, continuously improving himself professionally and personally. Today, his knowledge of how adults learn and his ability to apply that knowledge to the work place, makes him one of the Middle East’s most sought after experts in the field. An international speaker and workshop facilitator, he uses his experiences to enhance his audience’s knowledge in competency-based development, knowledge management, and coaching.

Now he shares that same knowledge with his readers. And under his nom de plume, Nonno Vecchio, he applies his creative imagination to the children’s books he writes for his grandchildren and shares with readers around the world.

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